Package Simulation

Comprehensive analysis of die/package coupling, signal integrity/PDN performance, and thermal conditions.

Key Features

Voltage Drop and IC Switching Noise Analysis

Identify areas of excessive current density and the effects of switching noise as it propagates through planes and vias.

Comprehensive SERDES Support

Advanced tools for optimizing SERDES design projects, including FastEye diagram analysis, S-parameter simulation, and BER prediction.


High Performance Parasitic Extraction

System circuitry, including parasitics, in analog designs must be simulated to ensure it meets intended performance specifications. In digital designs, static timing analysis (STA) must be run on the complete package assembly, including parasitics, to ensure it meets the overall system timing budget.

calibrex act

IC, Package & PCB Thermal Modeling

Heterogeneous IC-package co-design is important for several reasons. Designing a large high-power device, e.g. an AI or HPC processor, without considering how to get the heat out is likely to lead to problems later on, resulting in a sub-optimal packaging solution from cost, size, weight, and performance perspectives.

thermal modeling

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