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Close up of a computer chip.

Semiconductor packaging best practices​

Efficient integration of High Bandwidth Memory (HBM)​

Automation and intelligent design-IP replication enable designers to have an increased likelihood of meeting high bandwidth memory (HBM) design schedules, design performance and quality targets.

Design-in HBM channels quickly and efficiently​

Technologies such as AI and IoT need to transfer, process and store vast amounts of data. To achieve this, architects are turning to high bandwidth memory (HBM), which offers lower power and substantially smaller form factors than DDR.


Sketch Router with channel replication is the key​

Using the patented sketch-router, a designer builds up a complete 128-bit channel including the differential clock. Once the channel is complete and verified, intelligent design-IP channel replication is used to quickly complete all the channels meeting design schedules, performance and quality targets.

Efficient integration of High Bandwidth Memory (HBM)​

Learn more about high bandwidth memory (HBM) integration capabilities and benefits​.

High Bandwidth Memory (HBM)​ using xPD

This video shows Xpedition Package Designers patented “sketch” router being used on a high bandwidth memory (HBM) memory interface​.