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Cloud computing offers 24/7/365 access to highly scalable clusters of high-performance hardware specifically tuned for EDA tasks, with sufficient memory for the largest designs and stringent security features to protect proprietary IP, enabling Calibre nmPlatform users to optimize turns per day.

The Calibre nmPlatform is cloud-ready

Calibre tools are cloud-ready and cloud-optimized

The Calibre nmPlatform is optimized for the cloud, enabling you to use existing Calibre nmPlatform products and licenses today. Additionally, we provide a variety of cloud flight plans, including reference environment templates optimized to deliver exceptional performance for the biggest workloads and ease cloud adoption. Combining the Calibre nmPlatform with a cloud flight plan enables Calibre nmPlatform users to maximize the value of their cloud spend while increasing the number of design turns per day for their biggest surge workloads.

Choice of cloud environments

We invested the effort to identify the best-known methods for working with major cloud providers, so you wouldn't have to. Enjoy the flexibility to adopt the cloud environment that best meets your operational and business needs, with the knowledge that whatever choice you make will provide operational and cost efficiency.

Companies can implement their cloud computing environment, with guidance from their Calibre representative, to ensure the best resource selection, and network configuration. Smaller companies may opt to use a consulting-operated or managed cloud environment, providing the benefits of cloud computing without the overhead of internal maintenance.

Best known methods for running Calibre IC design verification in the cloud

Siemens EDA collaborated with AWS and Annapurna Labs to evaluate results from a series of Calibre flow benchmarks run inside Annapurna’s production virtual private cloud (VPC), which is hosted on AWS. Running Calibre applications in the cloud can provide a twofold advantage: design teams don’t have to wait for local compute resources to become available, and design companies have the option to increase available compute resources during peak or critical demand periods, or when they want to take advantage of Calibre scalability to boost the number of design turns per day. Running multiple Calibre applications in a variety of scenarios and conditions enabled us to define a set of best-known methods (BKMs) for running Calibre in the cloud. These BKMs include general recommendations for EDA in the cloud, as well as specific recommendations for optimizing Calibre IC design verification in a cloud environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Calibre in the cloud

Which cloud vendors does Calibre verification support?

Siemens EDA is collaborating with the major cloud compute providers including primarily AWS, and Microsoft Azure.

Which Calibre flows can I run in the cloud?

It’s possible to run any Calibre tools and flows in the cloud.  The specific flows that we have benchmarked and optimized for use in the cloud include Calibre nmDRC and Calibre nmLVS verification, Calibre PERC verification, Calibre Pattern Matching and Calibre Yield Enhancer with Smartfill, plus Calibre Interactive GUI and the Calibre DesignRev tool. 

How does licensing work in the cloud?

Calibre verification needs to be able to see a license server but it doesn’t matter where it’s located.  It can be located inside your cloud environment and with its own separate license file, or it can be located inside your on-premises environment and accessible through a VPN tunnel. 

How should I choose what type of virtual machines to run Calibre verification workloads?

Choose the fastest virtual machines which have sufficient memory to do the job.  Calibre applications engineers can guide you to specific machine types which have performed well in our benchmarks.

What help can I get from Siemens EDA with cloud migration?

We maintain a set of Cloud Flight Plans that cover Siemens EDA tools and flows including Calibre verification.  Flight plans encompass a collection of best-known methods (BKMs) for getting the most from a given design flow in a cloud environment, and we share these with our customers to give them the best possible start with migrating Siemens EDA workloads to the cloud.

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