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Calibre in the cloud

Cloud computing offers 24/7/365 access to highly scalable clusters of high-performance hardware specifically tuned for EDA tasks, with sufficient memory for the largest designs and stringent security features to protect proprietary IP, enabling Calibre nmPlatform users to optimize turns per day.

The Calibre nmPlatform is cloud-ready

Calibre tools are cloud-ready and cloud-optimized

The Calibre nmPlatform is optimized for the cloud, enabling you to use existing Calibre nmPlatform products and licenses today. Additionally, we provide a variety of cloud flight plans, including reference environment templates optimized to deliver exceptional performance for the biggest workloads and ease cloud adoption. Combining the Calibre nmPlatform with a cloud flight plan enables Calibre nmPlatform users to maximize the value of their cloud spend while increasing the number of design turns per day for their biggest surge workloads.

Choice of cloud environments

We invested the effort to identify the best-known methods for working with major cloud providers, so you wouldn't have to. Enjoy the flexibility to adopt the cloud environment that best meets your operational and business needs, with the knowledge that whatever choice you make will provide operational and cost efficiency.

Companies can implement their cloud computing environment, with guidance from their Calibre representative, to ensure the best resource selection, and network configuration. Smaller companies may opt to use a consulting-operated or managed cloud environment, providing the benefits of cloud computing without the overhead of internal maintenance.

Calibre cloud resources

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Calibre Design Solutions delivers a complete IC verification and DFM optimization platform to speed designs from creation to tapeout. Calibre Manufacturing solutions enable foundry success throughout the entire technology node lifecycle.

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