copper power module on pcb board

Power electronics

The field of power electronics wouldn’t be possible without the use of power modules. The Siemens power module workflow is an integrated digital thread that eliminates unwanted physical prototype iterations with a modern streamlined electro-thermal & EMI design process.

What is “power electronics"?

Power electronics is a field of electrical engineering focused around designing & controlling the flow of electrical power. Power electronics plays a crucial role in modern power systems. Its applications range from consumer electronics & power tools to electric vehicles & renewable energy systems.

Modern power systems

Today, over 70% of electricity is processed by some form of power electronics.

Increased demand

The demand for newer, smaller, more efficient, lower cost power modules is rapidly growing.

Reliance on physical prototypes

Power module design today is often manually intensive and costly with a heavy reliance on physical prototypes.


Power modules: A four-dimensional design challenge

A power module is a high-power switching circuit used in power electronics applications for electric vehicles, renewable energy, photovoltaics, wind power, & much more. This paper discusses different technologies & the associated design challenges to achieve complex requirements like high voltage resistivity up to 1700 V, high current ratings up to 1600 A, temperature stability, and low E- and H-field emissions.

copper power module on pcb board

Understand the Siemens power module design flow

Siemens provides a new digital thread design approach in an integrated workflow to accelerate time-to-market while reducing development costs. Watch these videos to understand how we enable first-pass success for power module design.

Power module design flow overview

Power module playlist

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Power module design flow overview

(7 mins, 17 secs)


Power module design

(6 mins, 4 secs)


Power module electrical simulation

(9 mins, 47 secs)


Power module thermal simulation

(6 mins, 31 secs)

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