Multi-Board System Design

The Xpedition multi-board systems design flow is a fully-parallel, collaborative design environment where global teams can work on the same design in real-time, providing the flexibility and intuitive technologies to develop innovative and competitive products.

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Multi board system design
Key Features

Integrated and Automated Design of Multi-Board Systems

Xpedition System Designer improves design team productivity and reduces development costs by replacing inefficient paper and manual processes with an automated, fully integrated, collaborative workflow.

System Definition

Xpedition's system definition cockpit enables multi-board architecture definition, partitioning, and connectivity management.

Screenshot of Multi-board

Cable Design

Xpedition supports cable connectivity definition and optimization, MCAD integration and management through to BOM and manufacturing drawings.

Screenshot of Cables

System Modeling

Xpedition allows engineers to virtually prototype multi-board systems for mechatronic behavior, signal/power/thermal performance, and manufacturability.

Screenshot of System thermal