PartQuest Portal part search & creation

PartQuest Portal provides the building blocks needed to design new products fast. Search for electronic components from an ever-expanding catalog of billions of parts, download pre-made ECAD library model content, and create custom symbols and footprints using wizard-based part builder templates.

Yearly PriceUS$180

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PADS Professional users can get three powerful, easy-to-use cloud-integrated apps that enable you to consistently deliver products to market on time, on budget, and on requirement. This suite of cloud apps includes Connect, PartQuest Portal, and Supply Chain. For a single purchase at a reduced price of USD $59/month billed annually.

Key features

Access millions of symbols, footprints, and 3D models

PartQuest Portal provides free access to millions of electronic components that you can search, select, and drag-and-drop into your design in seconds. Can’t find pre-made content? No problem—simply make a part request, and we’ll get it to you in 24 hours!

Search, select, drag and drop parts into your PCB

Simply search, select, and drag-and-drop parts, including all the electrical properties, directly into your Xpedition or PADS Professional Designer schematic in seconds.

Easy-to-use symbol and footprint wizards

Enhanced symbol and footprint wizards accelerate customer component creation, even for the most complex parts.

Validated, high-quality ECAD model content

Access the new PartQuest vault ECAD model content library containing millions of ready-to-use electronic parts, 100% created, validated, and maintained by Siemens. Highest quality symbols and footprints in the industry.

PartQuest Portal resources

Start finding, downloading, and creating parts

PartQuest offers 100% free coverage for all Digi-Key® parts, including symbols and footprints. 24-hour turnaround for any part CAD data not available for immediate download. Works with Xpedition and PADS-based tools.