PartQuest Portal- Supply Chain

The Supply Chain application, powered by SupplyFrame, empowers engineers with real-time component sourcing data to make more informed part decisions when cost-of-change is lowest. Fully integrated with Xpedition Designer and PADS Professional Designer.

Yearly PriceUS$180

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PADS Professional users can get three powerful, easy-to-use cloud-integrated apps that enable you to consistently deliver products to market on time, on budget, and on requirement. This suite of cloud apps includes Connect, PartQuest Portal, and Supply Chain. For a single purchase at a reduced price of USD $59/month billed annually.

Key Features

Make informed component decisions with real-time data

The Supply Chain application allows engineers to access component sourcing information without ever leaving Xpedition or PADS Professional. More time available to innovate, less time spent searching for sourcing data.

Sourcing intelligence at the engineer’s fingertips

Powered by SupplyFrame, the Supply Chain application allows engineers to access component information—including pricing, availability, compliance, and lifecycle data—from more than 80 suppliers.

Status indicators alert users to risk

Mitigate risks associated with part decisions by quickly scanning the indicators on the left of the Supply Chain window to identify any potential issues with parts in your design.