PCBflow Online DFM Platform

Accelerate the design-to-manufacturing handoff process by connecting designers directly with manufacturers. Run PCB DFM analysis using the updated constraints for a specific manufacturer during the early stages of the design process, reducing design iterations, costs and ‚Äétime-to-market.

Key Features

Built-in Manufacturer-specific Capabilities

PCBflow provides a secure, cloud-based, collaborative environment with no IT investment. The DFM tool guides designers through the manufacturability design errors, minimizing back-and-forth with manufacturing partners and making it simple to validate and optimize designs.

DFM Analysis

Smart, Online Simple and Self-explanatory DFM Report

Concise reports guide the user through error fixing and include filtering, statistics, summary tables, and error grouping. The tool is powered by Valor NPI engine, an industry standard for DFM analysis, and does not require any installation or setup.

Supply Chain Analysis

Detailed Component Sourcing

Powered by SupplyFrame, the Supply Chain analysis app allows users to access component sourcing information-- including pricing, availability, compliance, and lifecycle data from more than 80 suppliers. It is designed to identify sourcing related risks and propose mitigation in real-time, such as long-lead items, obsolete/alternative components, and second vendors.

Sharing and Collaboration

Direct Communication with Manufacturers

Connect with your manufacturer to perform DFM analysis based on their specific manufacturing capabilities, and receive their feedback on design errors. PCBflow provides a secure, cloud-based collaborative environment with no IT investment. Share
ODB++ design files for eliminating mistakes and reducing processing time of other legacy formats.

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