PartQuest Explore circuit simulation

PartQuest Explore is a complete design, modeling, simulation, and analysis environment for electronic and mechatronic circuits and systems. Full coverage for analog, digital, mixed-signal and multi-domain systems including electro-mechanical and electro-thermal. SPICE and VHDL-AMS models supported.

Yearly CostUS$240

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Key features

Secure, cloud-based circuit exploration and simulation

The PartQuest Explore environment provides easy-to-use schematic capture, a rich variety of electronic circuit and mechatronic system building-block models, state-of-art simulation technology, and in-context results viewing.

Multi-domain simulation

Simulate analog, digital, mixed-signal, and multi-domain systems including
electro-mechanical and electro-thermal.  Supported simulation models
include SPICE and VHDL-AMS.

Access to partner simulation models

During creation of a design, PartQuest Explore users have access to component model
libraries from partners such as ROHM Semiconductor, On Semiconductor, Nexperia,
Coilcraft, and more.

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