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Making the Switch to PADS Professional

Only PADS® Professional provides hardware engineers and small workgroups with a self-contained, integrated PCB design flow optimized for component selection, signal and power integrity, electronics cooling, form and fit, PCB layout, and manufacturing.

Are Your PCB Design Tools up to Speed? (A Comparison)

See how your PCB design tool stacks up with the others in this complimentary paper. This white paper compares the capabilities of PCB design tools to help your team decide which one best fits your needs.

Comparing PADS Professional with Altium Designer and OrCAD

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Can you be sure your products will function as designed without spending a lot of time and money on prototypes and respins? Can you ensure first-pass design success simulation? Can layers of buried commands provide easy access to design-specific tasks?

Success Story

PADS Professional Premium accelerates PCB design

“PADS Professional Premium allows you to have that engineer next-to-you experience – so you can flag an area of the board and quiz that component in a web browser.”

-Ben Dowding, CEO and lead engineer Taylor Dowding Innovation Ltd.