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PADS Professional Premium DFM

PADS Professional Premium DFM is everything you get with PADS Professional Premium, with integrated DFM powered by PCBFlow.

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PADS Professional Premium DFM overview

PADS Professional Premium DFM allows users access to DFM analysis right from within Layout. PADS Professional Premium DFM is powered by PCBFlow, an online tool from Valor, that accelerates the design-to-manufacturing handoff process by connecting designers directly with manufacturers.

Key features of PADS Professional Premium DFM

No installation or configuration
PADS Professional Premium DFM requires no installation or configuration as a cloud-based tool. Designers can simply upload ODB++Design files into the secure cloud environment and select one or more manufacturers to apply process capabilities to the design for manufacturing (DFM) analysis.

Launch a DFM analysis directly from Layout
Users with designs uploaded to Connect for PADS Professional can launch a DFM analysis directly from Layout using one of the many DFM profiles available through PCBFlow. Once the analysis is complete, any issues that have been identified are shown in the Hazard Explorer, allowing you to go directly to the error and correct it.

Unlimited analysis
There is no limit to how many analyses you can run within the tool.

Generate a PDF report
Every time an analysis is run, an easy-to-read PDF report of the analysis results is added to the Connect project under the files area in Connect.

Get accurate price estimates, immediately
Using the BOM Pricing and Sourcing tool, PADS Professional Premium DFM instantly shows updated cost and availability information for the components in a Bill of Materials (BOM). PCB designers can use the QuickPrice function to receive instant, accurate price estimates.

Everything you get with PADS Professional Premium
PADS Professional Premium delivers everything you need to design your simplest to most complex PCB designs. Learn more about PADS Professional Premium.