A/D/RF Co-Design

Xpedition enables the design and shielding of complex RF circuits in context with the rest of the PCB. Engineers can enter schematics, optimize layout, and prepare for manufacturing when designing with RF circuits. Integrations with external RF design and analysis tools ensure RF circuit quality.

Key Features

Design RF, analog and digital circuits on the same PCB

Xpedition RF eliminates the traditional “black box” approach to RF design, facilitating
concurrent design, optimization, and verification of RF circuits on a PCB.

Streamline RF tool integration

Eliminate manual data transfer with dynamic integration between Xpedition and industry RF tools, including ADS and HFSS. The library is synchronized with the circuit-simulation model counterpart in the RF simulation environment to ensure that their behavior is identical.

Screen hot of HFSS 3DLayout

Optimize RF circuits in context

Modify parametric RF elements within PCB layout to optimize space efficiency.

Screenshot of layout RF parameters

Accelerate design time

The ability to edit RF elements within PCB layout, combined with efficient RF tool integration eliminates workarounds and increases engineering productivity.

Layout Random RF

Reuse verified RF circuits in other designs

Xpedition’s robust design reuse capability enables teams to manage and share known-good circuits, eliminating redundant design efforts.

Reuse Block