Intelligent custom ic verification

Solido Simulation Suite

Solido Simulation Suite is an integrated suite of AI-accelerated SPICE, Fast SPICE and mixed-signal simulators designed to help customers dramatically accelerate critical design and verification tasks for their next-generation analog, mixed-signal and custom IC designs.

sampling a microprocessor to ensure it is manufactured according to MES specifications
AI-accelerated simulation

Why Solido Simulation Suite?

Solido Simulation Suite offers an Integrated suite of AI-accelerated simulators for intelligent IC design and verification, providing customers with order-of-magnitude faster verification for next-generation analog, mixed-signal and custom IC designs.

Solido SPICE

Accelerated SPICE simulation for next-generation AMS, RF, memory, and 3D IC designs

Solido FastSPICE

Accelerated FastSPICE simulation for SoC and memory designs

Solido LibSPICE

Accelerated SPICE simulation for batch verification of library IP designs

Analog FastSPICE

Industry standard SPICE simulation for nm AMS, RF and custom digital designs


Industry standard SPICE simulation for HV, RF and safety critical designs


Industry’s fastest mixed-signal simulation for complex IC designs

Solido Simulation Suite

Customer Quotes

“We are pioneering CMOS image sensor technology, driving innovation across industries from automotive to cinematography. Verification of high-resolution, high-frame rate sensors is challenging due to the sheer size of the extracted post-layout netlist which presents a bottleneck in terms of simulation run time. Siemens’ Solido Simulation Suite provided us with SPICE and FastSPICE toolsets that demonstrated up-to 19x faster across our analog and memory designs. This enables us to accelerate our verification schedules significantly, while empowering us to expand our roadmap with more innovative design solutions for our customers.”
Loc Duc Truong, Ametek

“We are at the forefront of creating flexible and multi-functional foundation I/Os, enabling contemporary chips to seamlessly adapt to different markets, interfaces, voltages, and standards using a single I/O design. Our customers span across automotive, industrial, AI, consumer electronics, datacenter and networking applications, with consistent new design requirements spanning mature to advanced process technologies, and we pride ourselves on being the best partner for our customers to create I/O libraries that enable and differentiate their products, giving them a market edge, with the best performing ESD, against their competition. After a thorough evaluation of industry simulators, we chose Solido Simulation Suite. The decision was rooted in the consistent realization of up to 30X speed-up with golden accuracy, translating to substantial savings in simulation cycles. This collaboration empowered us to successfully implement silicon verified designs for high-voltage RF applications and introduce robust multi-protocol I/O solutions, showcasing adaptability and efficacy in advanced process nodes.”
Stephen Fairbanks, Certus Semiconductor

"Mixel develops world-class low-power, high-bandwidth MIPI PHY IP solutions, enabling efficient and reliable data communication for multiple applications and use cases, including mission-critical automotive SoCs. Our complex designs require high-capacity and high-volume verification to meet stringent specifications. Utilizing Siemens SPICE and mixed-signal verification technologies, we’ve consistently achieved first-pass silicon success. The newly released Solido Simulation Suite provided a remarkable 3x improvement in verification efficiency with the same accuracy, enabling us to innovate and grow our portfolio faster." Michael Nagib, Mixel

"As a provider of top-tier silicon intellectual property for high-performance clocking and low-power/high-speed data interfaces, our products play a crucial role in modern SoCs. The complexity of designing at 5nm and below, coupled with slow post-layout simulations, due to very high device counts, poses major challenges. Fast and accurate simulation of GAA and FinFET process technology-based designs is imperative to meet our end-customers’ demanding requirements and schedules. In our active participation in the early access program for Solido™ Simulation Suite, using various post-layout designs, we observed an impressive acceleration of up to 11X while preserving SPICE-level accuracy. We look forward to leveraging Solido Simulation Suite to validate our most complex designs, ensuring first silicon success and meeting our high-yield targets."
Randy Caplan, Silicon Creations