Solido Design Environment

Comprehensive AI-powered design environment for nominal and variation-aware verification of memory, standard cell, and analog/RF custom IC design

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Artistic rendering of AMS Solido Variation Designer
Key Features

Solido Design Environment

A comprehensive AI-powered design environment
for all SPICE-level design and verification, and is a single unified solution
for nominal and variation analysis. Used by thousands of designers to produce the most competitive
products in hp computing, AI, IoT, automotive and mobile applications.

Brute force-accurate signoff variation 1000X faster

  • Orders of magnitude faster than
    brute-force simulation
  • Full coverage verification across PVTs
    and Monte Carlo
  • Brute-force Monte Carlo and SPICE
    accurate high-sigma verification
  • Variation-aware design sensitivity,
    debugging and optimization
  • Comprehensive design environment
    to boost engineering efficiency
  • Significantly reduces documentation
  • Identifies design weaknesses
    previously undetectable
Image of ams solido solutions

Easy to use and deploy

  • Intuitive GUI for interactive design
    and analysis
  • GUI or batch mode
  • Works with all process technologies
  • Integrated with leading design
  • Supports most commercial and in-house
    SPICE simulators
Artistic rendering of AMS Solido Variation Designer
Solido Design Environment

Customer Quotes

“Verification accuracy and turnaround time are key factors in our design flow, as we create the next generation of memory technology. Siemens’ Solido Design Environment software has delivered brute force-accurate variation analysis coupled with powerful and easy-to-use design optimization, which has significantly reduced the time it takes for us to go from initial design to production.”

Mr. Do Chang-Ho, SK hynix Inc

“The Solido Design Environment software is a clear example of how Siemens EDA listens to their users and develops solutions that empower users to achieve better results. Our designers use Solido Design Environment software as their simulation environment when custom designing state-of-the-art, low-noise, high-resolution, ultra-high speed CMOS image sensors for a wide range of applications including cinematography, machine vision, automotive, AR/VR, and more. We have had an outstanding experience with the solution, due to its productivity-boosting design workflows, intuitive results visualization, and excellent user support.”

Sam Bagwell, Forza Silicon (AMETEK, Inc.)

Solido Design Environment

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