Solido Crosscheck

Comprehensive IP QA framework for validating all IP, regardless of type or process technology. Improves final quality of silicon through IP data integrity, and speeds time-to-tape-out by identifying potential issues early in the flow.

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Solido Crosscheck

Solido Crosscheck is a complete framework for IP validation including checking, reporting, waiving, and data visualization. It includes an expanding list of in-view and cross-view checks, covering front-end and back-end design views essential for IP production and integration workflows.

Design and Technology Agnostic

  • 300+ in-view and cross-view built-in checks
  • Includes front-end, back-end, simulation, schematic views, etc.
  • New checks continuously added from customer requests
  • Custom formats and user-defined checks supported via API
Analog FastSPICE

Complete IP Validation Framework

  • A Complete IP Validation Framework
  • GUI-assisted visualization and debugging
  • User-friendly reporting & direct API access for custom reports
  • Bottleneck analysis for identifying high-impact problems

IP Quality Assurance (QA) Handshake

  • QA exchange deck captures IP requirements and reporting
  • Ensures QA alignment between IP production and integration teams
  • Enables QA standardization initiatives and best practices
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