Intelligent Custom IC Verification

Solido IP Validation Suite

The industry’s first end-to-end silicon IP quality assurance for IC design. Solido IP Validation suite offers the fastest, most comprehensive integrated IP validation solution, providing complete, seamless IP QA from design to tape-out, across all design views and IP revisions.

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End-to-end silicon IP Validation

Why Solido IP Validation Suite?

Solido IP Validation Suite provides the fastest, most comprehensive silicon IP quality assurance for IC design. It integrates with industry-leading solutions to provide complete, seamless IP QA from design tapeout start to finish, and ensures a high-quality IP release at every iteration.

Solido Crosscheck

Complete IP QA for in-view and cross-view IP validation

  • Comprehensive IP validation framework with 300+ IP QA checks
  • Accelerates design turnaround time & improves silicon quality by identifying potential IP issues early in the flow

Solido IPdelta

Scalable, repeatable, and comprehensive version-to-version IP QA solution

  • Speeds up IP revision cycles by confirming expected changes and identifying unexpected changes
  • Ensures a high-quality IP revision at every iteration

Solido IP Validation Suite

Customer Quotes

“Renesas' memory IP supports a wide range of operating conditions. To quickly and comprehensively ensure the reliability of these memory IPs, we have used Solido IP Validation Suite, which can be easily customized to meet our requirements. Our custom rules have contributed to improving the quality of our memory IPs.”
Shuji Katayama, Renesas

“The Solido IP Validation Suite provides a comprehensive QA solution. It has robust cross-view checking features which simplify and improve QA efficiency, and is very user friendly and customizable. The Solido IP Validation Suite delivers the accuracy required for library deliverables, and customizability to meet our tailored needs.”
Ming Fatt Yee, Maxlinear

“With an extensive set of production-proven validation checks, Solido IP Validation Suite has enabled our QA teams to achieve a higher level of coverage while allowing our development teams to do more in shorter schedule time. The solution is now an integral part of our QA methodology, enabling us to deliver differentiated end products with confidence and agility.”
Amr Shehata, Mixel

“Solido Crosscheck ensures full coverage and consistency between IP views, by leveraging a comprehensive and customizable set of IP validation checks for production. Solido IP Validation Suite is an integral part of Rivos’ IP QA methodology and enables us to ensure that IP issues are detected early and that the final designs meet the highest QA metrics."
Hema Ramamurthy, Rivos

“The adoption of Solido IP Validation Suite has enabled us to significantly accelerate our IP QA process. With this solution, we have access to an entire IP QA framework covering validation checks across a wide range of design views, all in an automated and customizable flow. As a provider of advanced semiconductor memory technologies, achieving QA of our deliverables with shorter time to delivery is key as we bring new Weebit ReRAM IP modules to market.”
Ilan Sever, Weebit Nano

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