Kronos Characterizer

High performance, high-throughput cell library characterizer for standard cells, multi-bit cells, and I/O cells.

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Key Features

Kronos Characterizer

High-performance library characterization tool that generates accurate Liberty and Verilog/VHDL models for a wide variety of cells including: standard, multi-bit, and I/Os. The tool supports complex stimulus creation and measurement methods, as well as versatile control of output model syntax.


  • High throughput with fast runtime & multi-simulation job control
  • Native integration with AFS & Eldo for high performance
  • Highly scalable architecture, parallelizable up to 1000’s of CPUs
  • Dynamic resource scheduling for on-the-fly modification of CPU resource pool size
  • Disk I/O optimized for improved data storage utilization

Variation Modeling and Re-Characterization Capabilities

  • Fast & accurate LVF for timing, power, & constraints with full SPICE accuracy
  • Supports LVF Moments for nonGaussian distributions
  • Re-characterization flow adds new functions to existing libraries or creates new libraries
  • Accounts for changes in process models, cell layouts, & SPICE models
Rendering of nanometer circuit verification simulation

Characterization Outputs

  • Liberty, Verilog, and VHDL/VITAL models
  • NLDM and CCS timing, power & noise, and state-dependent models
  • LVF and Moments
  • IBIS model generation, and validation
Engineer using an integrated design solution to develop a printed circuit board

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