Power integrity analysis

IC design companies must get chips to market on time while ensuring the power, performance, and reliability of the power infrastructure meet all requirements. They need a solution that combines analog and digital EM, IR drop, and power integrity analysis in one complete, scalable solution.

Trends & Technologies

Critical challenges in power integrity analysis

The demand for analog and sensor components combined with high-speed digital computation operating at low power is driving the need for power analysis tools and methodologies that are fast, accurate, easy to use, scalable from netlists, and blocks up to full-chip and multi-chip designs.

Accurate power analysis for large designs

The core challenge of power integrity analysis for analog and digital circuits is achieving accurate results using reasonable time and resources for even the largest designs.

Ease of use

Detailed power integrity analysis is not a day-to-day activity for most designers. Power integrity tools must be easy to use and enable designers to run the analysis and apply fixes to get to tapeout as quickly as possible.

Hardware efficiency

Detailed power integrity analysis is very resource-intensive! Efficient use of your compute resources is required in order to achieve the necessary analysis while controlling time and costs.


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