IC Physical Verification & Optimization

A complete IC verification and DFM optimization EDA platform

IC Physical Verification & Optimization

Relentless growth in in the number and complexity of semiconductor verification and manufacturing requirements challenges IC design companies to deliver state-of-the-art, competitive products on a timely basis to a fast-moving market. Whether their products are custom analog, digital, mixed-signal, or system-on-chip (SoC) designs, companies need EDA tools that can deliver trusted results and help them meet their market goals.

Trends & Technologies

Critical Challenges in IC Design & Verification

New process technologies, combined with new and expanded design functionality, add up to an ever-increasing pressure for increased automation of verification and design optimization within a set of foundry-qualified tools, all while maintaining the highest accuracy without driving up runtimes.

Physical Verification

Not only has the number of design rule checks gone up, but check types and operations have grown drastically, fueling the need for more and faster computation while still maintaining accuracy and precision.

Circuit Verification

Dense and hierarchical layouts, increasing circuit complexity, and intricate foundry rules mean running and debugging LVS and parasitics to ensure circuit predictability can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive endeavor.

Reliability Verification

Increasing design complexity and a heightened focus on reliability at all levels of chip design, from IP to full-chip, makes accurate and full verification of IC reliability issues essential, but challenging.

Design for Manufacturing

DFM optimization helps designers balance power, performance and area against manufacturability, but consistent application of multiple optimization strategies is often a difficult and demanding task.

Ease of Use

Designers must manage and navigate between multiple design and verification tools throughout the design flow. Manual invocations, custom interface code, and a lack of consistent presentation reduces productivity and uniformity.

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