LightSuite Photonic Compiler

Photonic layout automation that automatically routes both the photonic waveguides and electrical nets in minutes, not days. The resulting design is DRC clean by Calibre.

LightSuite Photonic Compiler Resources

Key Features

LightSuite Photonic Compiler

Use automation to quickly create a photonic layout that is correct by Calibre.  Both the optical waveguides and electrical interconnect are automatically routed using different engines.  Multiple design methodologies are supported including: Python script and schematic driven.

Photonic Layout Automation

  • LightSuite is fast, a 16 by 16 switch layout created in under an hour (right)
  • Create multiple “what if” layouts in less time to do one manually
  • Photonic PDKs are available from multiple foundries
  • LightSuite Photonic Compiler is built on standards. The tool runs native on OpenAccess
  • Python, the supported scripting language, is popular with many PIC designers
  • The resulting design is correct by Calibre

Supported Design Methodologies

  • Script driven enables complete control over the PIC design implementation
  • Schematic driven layout work within an IC design flow (layout on the left created in under 2 minutes)
  • Design of experiments enable automatic layout for creating test chips, where parameters of a cell can be swept to create multiple instances
  • Interposer one or more photonic or electrical die are placed on the interposer and then routed

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