L-Edit Photonics

Design your photonic integrated circuit in a layout centric flow. The designer can implement their design using either a drag and drop or a script-driven methodology. Both of those are in the same full custom IC design layout editor that drives the physical verification and tape-out processes.

Photonic Design Resources


Photonic Design

L-Edit Photonics enables the fast creation of a photonic design using a drag and drop methodology in an IC layout editor, without having to write a single line of code. Once the design is completed, a netlist can be extracted for photonic simulation.

Layout Centric Design

  • PIC design in a complete IC layout editor,
  • Create layout without writing a line of code
  • Supports a layout centric design flow where a schematic is not needed
  • Schematic flow optional with S-Edit
  • A simulation netlist can be created as input into a photonic simulator

Simplifying Photonic Layout

  • Simple waveguide creation and editing
  • Automated crossing insertion
  • Precision snapping to optical pins
  • Wave guide to pin checking

Complete PIC Design Flow

  • Photonic layout verification with Calibre's equation based design rules
  • Photonic simulation is supported though integration with our partners

    • Simulation partners are Ansys, Luceda, Optiwave, and VPIphotonic
  • Photonic PDKs are available from multiple foundries
  • Scriptable with Python
  • L-Edit Photonics is available on both Linux® and Windows®

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