L-Edit IC

Custom IC schematic driven layout for analog mixed signal designs built on standards, OpenAccess, iPDK and TCL.

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Key Features

Custom IC Layout

L-Edit increases productivity while handling the most complex layouts. it is a complete hierarchical physical layout editor. L-Edit supports both custom and schematic driven layout.

Handles your most complex full- custom designs

  • Full custom hierarchical physical layout

  • Native OpenAccess with multi-user support

  • Built in all-angle and curve support for power transistors, MEMS and photonics

  • Supported by over 180 PDK’s from more than 30 foundries

  • Fast rendering

Layout in L-Edit

Schematic driven layout

  • Allows you to create layout that matches the schematic the first time

  • Automatically generates parameterized cells and instances them into your design

  • Display flylines to allow you to place your blocks to
    minimize routing congestion

  • Check for connectivity issues using the SDL short and open Connectivity Checker

  • Object snapping (gravity) for quick, accurate layout

Layout showing flight lines

Seamless fits into your design environment

  • Integrated with Calibre and Calibre RealTime

  • Fully scriptable and expandable using Python, TCL/Tk, or C++

  • Imports and exports ODB++

  • Available on both Linux and Windows

  • Integration with third-party revision control tools

L-Edit with Calibre

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