Digital Implementation

Simplifying the digital implementation process for the analog designers

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Digital Implementer Resources


Digital Implementation

The placement and routing process is launched directly from the layout editor, L-Edit. This starts with a wizard that simplifies the complex set up to meet the digital timing and area requirements. When complete, the resulting digital design can be integrated along with the analog design.

Comprehensive RTL-to-GDSII implementation platform

  • Physically-aware RTL synthesis based on patented “PlaceFirst” technology
  • High performance timing-driven P&R with Multi-Corner Multi-Mode analysis and optimization architecture
  • Floorplanning and Power Planning
  • Clock Tree Synthesis
  • Scan chain insertion for DFT
  • Low power design methodologies
Digital implementation for the analog designer

Addresses the digital needs of the AMS designer

  • GUI driven simplified setup wizard in L-Edit, and access to Tcl scripts for customization
  • Optimal for analog specialty process technology nodes at 22nm and above
  • Powered by industry-proven “Oasys” synthesis and “Nitro” place and route engines from Siemens EDA
Analog mixed signal design with large digital content

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