Eldo Platform

Industry-proven platform for analog-centric circuits, offering a differentiated solution for reliability verification and comprehensive circuit analysis and diagnostics for analog, RF, and mixed-signal circuits.

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Key Features

Eldo Platform

Offering a complete solution for verifying analog, RF, and mixed-signal circuits for the automotive, industrial, medical, and other mission-critical markets.

Comprehensive Circuit Analysis & Diagnostics

  • Optimized performance for BCD and high-voltage processes
  • Comprehensive analog and RF analyses
  • Accurate and fast device noise analysis
  • Advanced user-defined static and dynamic SOA checks

Analog Characterization with Kronos

  • Incremental, dynamically controlled Monte Carlo convergence
  • Monte Carlo acceleration for normal and rare events
  • Standard cell and IO characterization with Kronos
  • Native multi-threading, distributed processing

Mixed-Signal Verification with Questa ADMS

  • Full HDL/HDL-AMS language, UVM, UPF, and Matlab support
  • Unified, coverage-driven mixed-signal verification
  • Flexible, easy-to-use design reconfiguration
The Questa ADMS analog-digital mixed-signal simulator works exclusively with the Eldo Platform to extend the Questa Verification Platform to analog and mixed-signal designs,

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