Terms: Emulation Relocation Service

Listed below are assumptions and responsibilities (for SISW and the customer) in support of the CLS Emulation Relocation Service.

The Emulation Relocation Service provides support for the physical transfer of Siemens EDA emulation hardware between Customer-designated locations. The service consists of the following:

  • Disassembly and packing of emulator and servers
  • Transportation of emulator and servers to a new location
  • Reinstallation of emulator
  • Bringing installed emulator online, including diagnostic and operational testing

Customer responsibilities

Customer is responsible for the following items in support of the service:

  • Preparation of new installation location per inspection trip
  • Ensuring availability of loading docks and open paths for equipment movement at original and new installation locations
  • Receipt and storage of packing materials
  • Power down and packaging of servers
  • Provision of pallet jack(s) or any other equipment and assistance needed to move packed items at both the old and new locations
  • Assistance with server unpacking at new installation location
  • Reinstallation of servers
  • Identification of a Customer contact responsible for managing the Customer responsibilities noted above

Any delays caused by Customer, including but not limited to those caused by Customer’s failure to satisfy the Customer responsibilities noted above, may result in delays beyond the control of Siemens EDA.

Siemens EDA responsibilities

Siemens EDA is responsible for the following items in support of the service:

  • Provision of packing materials
  • Disassembly of parts as needed from the emulator chassis
  • Packing emulator parts into appropriate shipping boxes
  • Crating the emulator chassis
  • Movement, with Customer’s assistance, of packaged items to/from loading and delivery docks to new installation location
  • Removal of packing material from Customer premises