Key features

Memory OPC flow

A replacement flow that ensures fast runtime and perfect consistency of correction across array, provides an extension across processing platform, as well as delivers integration work and refinement for symmetry and consistency.

New methodology

A flow infrastructure solution

Calibre RET MEMOPC provides a flow infrastructure solution with array/cell identification, SRAF/OPC insertion module, and array restoration.

Tool selection flexibility

Various choices of OPC correction and SRAF insertion

The Calibre RET MEMOPC flow gives users the flexibly to select the tools needed for SRAF insertion and OPC correction. The SRAF insertion options include Calibre cnSRAF, Calibre OPCsbar, and the use of Calibre pxOPC or ILT engine. For OPC correction, the flow supports the use of Calibre OPCpro, Calibre nmOPC, Calibre nmCLOPC and Calibre pxOPC. 

TAT, consistency and quality

Meets the requirement of manufacturing memory devices

Calibre RET MEMOPC was developed to overcome the challenges of manufacturing memory devices and image sensor products which require processing approaches with geometric consistency and acceptable processing times. Calibre RET MEMOPC can deliver the solution with superior runtime, consistency and litho quality.

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