Calibre Mask Process Correction

The Calibre Mask Process Correction family of rule and model-based products is used in advanced photomask manufacturing to correct for systematic mask lithography and process error sources to ensure that the mask critical dimension signature is within specification.


Calibre nmMPC Introduction

Learn how Calibre nmMPC continues to lead the way, establishing a new benchmark in accuracy and reliability. This synergistic approach to mask modeling sets a new standard in the mask industry for both mask models and MPC accuracy.

technical paper

Validation for multi-beam mask lithography

Mask Process Correction (MPC) is well established as a necessary step in mask data preparation (MDP) for electron beam mask manufacturing at advanced technology nodes from 14nm and beyond. MPC typically uses an electron scatter model to represent e-beam exposure and a process model to represent develop and etch process effects. The models are used to iteratively simulate the position of layout feature edges and move edge segments to maximize the edge position accuracy of the completed mask. Selective dose assignment can be used in conjunction with edge movement to simultaneously maximize process window and edge position accuracy.

MPC methodology for model calibration and layout correction has been developed and optimized for the vector shaped beam (VSB) mask writers that represent the dominant mask lithography technology in use today for advanced mask manufacturing. Multi-beam mask writers (MBMW) have recently been introduced and are now beginning to be used in volume photomask production.

These new tools are based on massively parallel raster scan architectures that significantly reduce the dependence of write time on layout complexity and are expected to augment and eventually replace VSB technology for advanced node masks as layout complexity continues to grow [5][6].

While it is expected that existing MPC methods developed for VSB lithography can be easily adapted to MBMW, a rigorous examination of mask error correction for MBMW is necessary to fully confirm applicability of current tools and methods, and to identify any modifications that may be required to achieve the desired CD performance of MBMW. In this paper we will present the results of such a study and confirm the readiness of MPC for multi-beam mask lithography.


Calibre Mask Process Correction Products

Calibre Mask Process Correction rule and model-based products provide best in class scalability and accuracy to correct error sources from the nanometer to the centimeter range for electron scatter and process loading effects. Advanced modeling tools allow model calibration to <1 nm accuracy.