Calibre Fab Insights

Semiconductor fabs need rapid yield ramp to stay competitive. Calibre Fab Insights leverages fab manufacturing history and process sequence to achieve the target yield, providing actionable and predictable data to improve cost and resource efficiency.

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Design-aware product-specific feature extraction

Calibre Fab Insights enables design layout-aware feature extraction using Calibre's core machine-learning platform capabilities. Combined with process and equipment information, it lets engineers embed domain knowledge in feature selection and modeling for more accurate and informed decision-making.

Robust and intelligent

Virtual metrology with real-time monitoring

Calibre Fab Insights offers smart manufacturing solutions that monitor the real-time health of machines and provide adjustments to optimize process flows. By forecasting process drifts and identifying root cause failures, Calibre Fab Insights helps mitigate risk in manufacturing and enables customers to achieve high quality and yield of wafers.

Smart and fast optimization

Artificial intelligence guided recipe setup

Calibre Fab Insights provides a ranking of input parameters that have the most significant impact on the target measurement, such as yield and reliability, for the entire wafer process or process level. This enables Calibre Fab Insights to recommend process recipe settings for a new product or to optimize settings for an existing product's fab recipe

Usability and productivity

Web-browser based analytics dashboard

Calibre Fab Insights provides a user-friendly GUI interface for machine learning-based data analysis and process optimization. The GUI dashboard lets engineers detect reliability issues quickly and reduce turnaround time, leading to faster and more accurate decision-making.

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