Calibre nmCLOPC

The patterning requirements of next generation lithographic processes have pushed lithographers to explore the advantages of curvilinear masks. The Calibre OPC engine has been extended to generate curvilinear patterns and support a fast full-chip curvilinear OPC flow.

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Key features

Curvilinear OPC Engine

The Calibre curvilinear OPC engine can convert rectangular shapes into curvilinear patterns and make sure the EPE goal is achieved. It performs SRAF printing checks for curved shapes and applies MRC constraints simultaneously to ensure high-quality curvilinear mask generation.

Fast Runtime and Quality

Fast Full-Chip Curvilinear OPC Solution

Calibre nmCLOPC enables the hybrid ILT curvilinear OPC flow which delivers the required lithographic quality with a faster runtime than with a full ILT solution. This flow can be used to generate curvilinear masks needed for Silicon Photonics, or for rectilinear designs for logic or memory.

Efficiency and accuracy

Native curvilinear polygon representation

Unlike traditional OPC engines that rely on Manhattan edge movement, Calibre nmCLOPC applies native curvilinear polygon representation with Bezier splines and performs spline-based correction by moving an “OPC curve.” This new format not only benefits the accuracy improvement but also mitigates data size explosion introduced by curvilinear masks.

Pattern fidelity and accuracy

Advanced OPC modeling solutions for curvilinear masks

The Calibre OPC core model can accurately model the mask 3D electromagnetic field effects for curvilinear masks. The use of SEM contours for model calibration to curvilinear patterns allows it to describe the real behavior on wafer. The advanced Calibre nmCLOPC technology maximizes lithography entitlement and achieves the required OPC accuracy.

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