Calibre nmCLBIAS

The curvilinear data preparation flow must enable curvilinear mask generation. The Calibre nmCLBIAS software performs pre-OPC retargeting for curvilinear designs with enhanced capabilities that differentiate it from traditional pre-OPC retargeting tools.

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Key features

Pre-OPC biasing/retargeting for curvilinear designs

Calibre nmCLBIAS is a curvilinear version of production-hardened Calibre nmBIAS tool, which has been used by major foundries for over 12 years. Calibre nmCLBIAS is a scalable and efficient retargeting tool that provides biasing solutions for curvilinear designs.

Accuracy and quality

Quality curvilinear pre-OPC retargeting

Calibre nmCLBIAS provides rule-based biasing/retargeting for curvilinear designs with improved edge filtering for classification, enhanced edge movement engine, and gradual fragment smoothing at corners.

Scalable and efficient

Excellent runtime performance

The Calibre nmCLBIAS retargeting engine provides scalable and efficient pre-OPC retargeting and biasing solutions to meet customer runtime requirements.

Usability and flexibility

Easy-to-use retargeting engine

Calibre nmCLBIAS is easy to use and flexible, allowing user-defined fragmentation control, tag-based biasing, biasing-rule table specification, and interpolation of biasing rules and more.

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