Calibre YieldAnalyzer

The Calibre YieldAnalyzer tool examines a layout and scores the design for both critical area analysis and DFM scoring. The intuitive interface helps designers analyze the results so they know what, where and how they can most improve their designs for manufacturability.

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Two probes touching a wafer | The Calibre YieldAnalyzer tool examines a layout and scores the design for both critical area analysis and manufacturability.
Key Features

Comprehensive Solution for Design Optimization

The Calibre YieldAnalyzer tool supports many of the leading foundries. Calibre YieldAnalyzer technology supports CAA, DFM scoring, and via redundancy checking. It helps customers analyze designs so they can optimize layouts for manufacturing.

ID Systemic Issues

Enables DFM Scoring

DFM scoring quantifies design sensitivity to a systemic issue as represented by a rule deck. To implement DFM scoring, a rule deck is configured with a list of recommended rules and estimates for weighting factors for each rule, based on foundry-recommended rule priorities.

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Reduce Risk

CAA & Via Redundancy Score Designs for Random Defects

The Calibre YieldAnalyzer tool performs critical area analysis on all base and interconnect layers to identify areas of a layout with excess vulnerability to random particle defects, such as shorts and opens. A CAA deck is configured with the layer information foundry defect density distributions for each process and defect type (open/short).

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