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The Calibre xL tool offers designers fast, and accurate extraction of full-chip frequency dependent loop inductance and loop resistance, and automatically accounts for return path change with frequency. Calibre xL extraction highly correlates with field solvers and provides silicon-tested accuracy.

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Purple line waves | The Calibre xL tool offers designers fast and accurate extraction of full-chip frequency dependent loop inductance and loop resistance.
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Interconnect inductance extraction for IC designs

Increasing operating frequencies for analog/RF designs mean interconnect inductance parasitic extraction is now required to ensure accurate circuit performance and high reliability. Automated field solver-based inductance extraction of both self and mutual parasitics enables IC companies to deliver analog/RF chips that provide the intended level of performance and reliability.

The Calibre RealTime Custom interface enables custom/AMS layout designers to access Calibre signoff DRC in the design flow, using full foundry-qualified Calibre rule decks and analysis engines.
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Fast Accurate Extraction of Frequency-Dependent Effects

With increasing operating frequencies, interconnect lines exhibit inductive effects, with significant impact on chip behavior and performance. Parasitic on-chip inductance extraction is crucial for accurate simulation and timely tape-out of high-frequency RF, mixed signal and custom digital designs.


Calibre xL frequently asked questions

What is Calibre xL?

Calibre xL is a fast and accurate inductance field-solver based engine for extracting the parasitic inductance of signal interconnects.

Is Calibre xL a full wave solver?

No, Calibre xL is an inductance field solver which can run on top of Calibre xRC, xACT or xACT 3D for resistance and capacitance.

What are inductance extraction pre-requisite?

  1. Calibre qualified deck for Calibre xRC or Calibre xACT.
  2. Define extraction frequency
  3. Define the inductance extraction mode (loop mode or Partial extraction (PEEC) mode).
  4. Define extraction use model: first use model is extracting RCC on block level and extracting select critical nets as RCCLM. Or second use model: block level RCCLM.

What are the differences between PEEC and Loop modes?

Loop Inductance is the default mode where parasitic inductance associated with signal/return-path virtual “loops." Partial Inductance is a mode to parasitic “inductance” associated with a straight wire segment where the consideration of the return path takes place during simulation.

Which extraction mode to use: PEEC or Loop?

Partial Extraction (PEEC) is recommended for RF and Analog critical signals, differential pairs connected to VCO LC tank, or in case a user wants to netlist inductance for power/ground nets (however it's not recommended for large power/gnd networks). Loop extraction mode is recommended to extract full block interconnects, large nets or to extract shielded transmission lines (with return path).

Does Calibre xL perform internal filtration for short interconnects?

Yes, Calibre xL has a min length capability to extract long nets. This enables the flow and netlist to be efficient. Default min length is 100um, while user can modify this min length value.

What is skin effect?

At DC or low frequencies, electric current distributes homogeneously over the cross-section of conductors. This is the assumption for parasitic R values in RCC extraction. At high frequencies, current may be “crowded” at the outer surface of the conductor which increases the resistance value. This phenomenon is called the skin effect. 

Can Calibre xL model skin effect?

Yes, Calibre xL extracts the skin effect for all nets that are processed by xL engine.

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