What’s New in Xpedition IC Packaging-VX.2.11

Xpedition IC Packaging VX.2.11 delivers capabilities targeting heterogenous integration and the prototyping, planning, design and verification of next-generation 2.5/3D package assemblies. Discover the new features and capabilities of the VX.2.11 release.

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What's New in IC Packaging VX.2.11

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Rapid creation and planning of ultra-high pin count devices

IC Packaging VX.2.11 Videos

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Rapid creation and planning of ultra-high pin count devices

(1 min, 37 secs)


Cross-substrate system-level predictive SI/PI analysis during planning

(1 min, 2 secs)


Fast, accurate and optimized floorplan creation

(1 min, 32 secs)


Hierarchical Device Planning: Create device from Floorplan ​VX.2.11

(1 min, 20 secs)


Data Path Planning in XSI ​-VX.2.11

(1 min, 4 secs)


System Verilog integration-VX.2.11

(59 secs)


50M+ pin design support

(1 min, 11 secs)


Via stitching of phase tuned diff pairs

(1 min, 13 secs)


Outgassing rules to adjacent layer voids

(1 min, 19 secs)

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Note: The following is a condensed summary of the release highlights. Siemens customers should refer to the Release Highlights on Support Center for detailed information regarding all new features and enhancements.

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