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Semiconductor packaging best practices

Concurrent team-based semiconductor package design

The complexity of emerging semiconductor packages require multiple skilled design resources to work concurrently and asynchronously in order to meet schedules and manage development costs.

Concurrent team-based design

Multi chiplet/ASIC designs are often integrated using interposers which is challenging, not just because of the sheer size but also because of the need for multiple skill sets. Design semiconductor packages efficiently with concurrent, team-based design. 

Reduce your semiconductor package design cycles

Concurrent engineering is proven to reduce design cycle time by 40 to 70% for the most complex semiconductor packages. Enable multiple designers to simultaneous access and edit the same design with real-time visibility that supports design across local and global networks. Additional benefits include competitive differentiation, improved time to market, reduced cost and improved design quality.

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Concurrent team-based design resources

Learn more about concurrent team-based design capabilities and benefits.