Samsung Foundry Coverage Table

Samsung Foundry offers competitive processes, design technologies, IP, and high-volume manufacturing capability for customers with a full suite of advanced process technologies, including integrated package solutions for 3D/2.5D and flexible and efficient cloud-based design environments.

As a partner in the Samsung Advanced Foundry Ecosystem (SAFE™) program, Siemens EDA engages in joint projects with Samsung Foundry to enable the advanced platforms and technologies their mutual customers rely on to bring increasingly sophisticated designs to life.

Samsung Foundry

Siemens EDA coverage table for Samsung Foundry.

✔: certified;  WIP: work in progress  (last updated on 4-29-2023)
[1]: mPower enablement readiness status for Power Integrity & EM to be updated…
[2]: Calibre SmartFill is POR (Plan of Record) below 20nm and Dummy Fill above 20nm.
[3]: Calibre SmartFill deck is available for 28FDS PDK only but not for other 28nm PDKs.
●: Tech files would be provided by Siemens for those process nodes not yet certified. Please contact Aprisa product team for your requests.

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