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Training courses from the Siemens Xcelerator Academy for our application users. Expertly designed with flexible delivery to fit your needs!

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Siemens EDA On-Demand Training is easy to use and provided us real time on-the-job access to rich educational content. Learning while practicing on real world designs using a robust cloud-based lab environment that hosts the Siemens EDA software makes this training extremely effective.
Haritez Narisetty, Principal Member of Technical Staff, GlobalFoundries
NextFlex, America’s Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Innovation Institute, recently gained access to Siemens Industries Software’s On-Demand training platform for the Xpedition and HyperLynx software suites. We’ve leveraged the training to bring engineers quickly up-to-speed on the design and simulation toolset so that new engineers can immediately contribute to important project work underway here at the Institute.
Jeff Bergman, Engineering Manager, NextFlex
In our experience, it can take months to train new engineers, particularly on HyperLynx , but with the new training platform, our team was able to effectively take on simulation tasks within a week...
Jeff Bergman, Engineering Manager, NextFlex
The ability to self-train, start and stop, and learn when and where convenient is key! Getting help and support is easy and the ability to have the same user profile for the on-demand platform and Siemens EDA Support Center has made navigation between these resources seamless
Haritez Narisetty, Principal Member of Technical Staff, GlobalFoundries