Xpedition offers a platform for efficient collaboration between the ECAD and MCAD domains so they can optimize their electronics designs within tight form-factor constraints while still meeting quality, reliability, and performance requirements.

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Man using ECAD-MCAD software
Key Functionality

Collaboration with MCAD Systems

Xpedition Layout facilitates communication of design data to mechanical CAD systems using a ProSTEP-approved data exchange standard. Designers are able to communicate between disciplines at any time or frequency, keeping participants in their respective system’s comfort zone.

Collaborate from within your environment

ECAD and MCAD designers can collaborate from within their native environments, eliminating the need to learn new tools.

Image of an electronic system

3D visualization

Visualization of the PCB and its enclosure within the layout environment allows designers to optimize the layout based on the mechanical and manufacturability constraints.

Image of 3D visualization feature

Preview proposed changes

To clearly identify a proposed design change, designers highlight the proposed collaboration object within the 3D viewer before applying the modification in their design. Consistent, iterative communication ensures team synchronization.

Demonstration of proposed changes preview