Signal Integrity Analysis

HyperLynx signal integrity analysis built-in to PADS Professional ensures you get designs right the first time, avoiding costly overdesign and reducing recurrent test cycles.

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Simulate DDR buffers, traces & terminations earlier with Signal Integrity analysis tools such as LineSim.
Key Features

Addressing High-Speed Challenges with Signal Integrity

Increasingly fast edge rates in integrated circuits cause detrimental high-speed effects, even in PCB design running at low operating frequencies. As these ICs switch faster, we see boards suffer from signal degradation including over/undershoot, ringing, glitching, crosstalk, and timing problems.

Signal Integrity

Analyze signal integrity issues, including crosstalk, early in the design cycle to eliminate costly re-spins. The software is tightly integrated into the design flow – from schematic design through final layout verification.

Boardsim Schema

DDR Analysis

Today’s electronic products use modern processors and FPGAs that require high-speed, high-bandwidth double-data rate (DDR) memory. With PADS Professional, engineers can reduce design and debug cycles with the integrated analysis of DDR-based designs.

DDR Memory schema

Explore PADS Professional with our cloud-enabled trial

Explore PADS Professional with our cloud-enabled trial. Create a design from start to finish, and see how easy it is to use its advanced technology, including rigid-flex design, RF design, and advanced routing, including HDI and area rules, to help get your job done faster!