Rigid-Flex PCB Design


Rigid-Flex PCB Design

From flex/rigid-flex operations that understand unique structures, constraints, plane management, materials, and stack-ups, PADS Professional has the features to support flex/rigid-flex design.

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PADS Professional Rigid-Flex PCB Design Resources

Key Features

Design and Validate Complex Rigid-flex Structures

Design and validate complex rigid-flex structures with the correct-by-construction environment of PADS Professional simplifying the design process of creating complex rigid-flex stack-ups.

Completely Flex-Aware 2D/3D Design Environment

Ensure first-pass success with a correct-by-construction rigid-flex design process from stack-up definition through manufacturing hand-off, including unique stack-up styles, PCB bend-areas, region rules such as vias, trace, and plane types, and design visualization in an integrated 2D/3D environment.

Place and Route Flex Structures

Eliminate manual checks and workarounds and accelerate layout with a system that understands bend areas,
stiffeners, and other unique flex geometries including placing irregular angles and employing rich routing capabilities for rigid-flex designs.

Explore PADS Professional with Our Cloud-Enabled Trial

Explore PADS Professional with our cloud-enabled trial. Create a design from start to finish, and see how easy it is to use its advanced technology including rigid-flex design, RF design, and advanced routing, including HDI and area rules, to help get your job done faster!