PADS Professional cloud apps

A suite of cloud apps amplifies PADS Professional's power, seamlessly connecting the engineer's desktop with the component and partner ecosystem they rely on to develop innovative products.

Engineer a smarter future faster!

PADS Professional cloud apps overview video

Discover how the electronic systems design and manufacturing within Siemens EDA provides the cloud-ready applications your company needs - to bring tomorrow’s designs to market today.

Success Story

PADS Professional app suite accelerates PCB design

“The PADS Professional App Suite allows you to have that engineer next-to-you experience – so you can flag an area of the board and quiz that component in a web browser.”

-Ben Dowding, CEO and lead engineer Taylor Dowding Innovation Ltd.

Save now: PADS Professional - three app suite deal

PADS Professional users can get three powerful, easy-to-use cloud-integrated apps that enable you to consistently deliver products to market on time, on budget, and on requirement. This suite of cloud apps includes Connect, PartQuest Portal, and Supply Chain. For a single purchase at a reduced price of USD $59/month billed annually.

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