PADS Professional

PADS Professional is an affordable, intelligent, and integrated PCB design and verification flow for hardware engineers and small workgroups that delivers compatibility with Xpedition technology and extended collaboration for PCB engineering projects.

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PADS Professional Cloud Apps

PADS Professional Cloud Apps enables digital transformation by providing a flexible, cloud-based ecosystem that connects component research, concept exploration, component sourcing, design and analysis management, and manufacturing.

What's New

Product Release Highlights for PADS VX.2.10

Check out what's new in PADS Professional. The latest release delivers new product features and enhancements that improve product usability and efficiency, and empowers engineers and designer's to design electronic products faster!

Explore PADS Professional with Our Cloud-Enabled Trial

Explore PADS® Professional with our cloud-enabled trial. Create a design from start to finish, and see how easy it is to use its advanced technology including rigid-flex design, RF design, and advanced routing, including HDI and area rules, to help get your job done faster!

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PADS Professional Solutions

PADS Professional Resource Library

Visit the PADS Professional resource library to view on-demand webinars and
demonstrations, downloads white papers and fact sheets, and access viewers.


PADS Professional Layout Browser

Free download of the PADS Professional Layout Browser for view and share of PADS Professional PCB Layout Designs and schematic cross-probe to PADS Designer.

man working at a computer, building an electronic device with CAD software | Design, validate and manufacture complex PCBs with PADS Professional's cutting-edge technology tailored to engineering professionals who work outside a corporate CAD environment.