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Debug & Functional Coverage

Debug is one of the most important verification technologies and is critical for achieving productivity in today's complex designs. Companies need debug tools that provide maximum performance, capacity and automation for the complete system-on-chip design and verification cycle.

Trends & Technologies

Critical Challenges in Debug and Coverage

More complex designs that include more software create new requirements for block-to-system verification reuse and the need for system verification and debug. To avoid wasting cycles at the system level, it is critical to identify bugs as early as possible and improve debug productivity.

Questa Visualizer

Visualizer is a high-performance, high-capacity context-aware debugger that supports a complete logic verification flow, including simulation, emulation, and prototyping and design, testbench, low-power, and assertion analysis.


During functional simulation or emulation, advanced tracing technology automatically captures and compresses all important activity inside a design's processors and allows interactive playback of simulation and emulation runs.

UVM-Aware Debug

UVM-aware debug provides essential data on the operation of dynamic class-based testbenches in the familiar contexts of source code and waveform viewing, speeding overall debug time, even on today’s most complex SoCs and FPGAs.

Supporting Products

Debug & Functional Coverage

High-performance debug environment for digital design and verification, with SV/UVM debug for complex testbenches.

Intuitive and Easy-to-Use

Visualizer Debug Environment

Visualizer Debug Environment is a high performance, scalable, context-aware debug platform that supports a complete logic verification flow, including simulation, emulation, and prototyping as well as design, testbench, low-power, and assertion analysis.

The Logic Cone window allows you to explore the “physical” connectivity of your design, to trace signals that propagate through the design, and to identify the cause of unexpected inputs, by showing a graphic view of the RTL objects in your design.

Debug & Functional Coverage

Visualizer Debug Environment educational resources.

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