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Advanced 3D IC design flow

3D IC design solutions

Explore and deliver product differentiation faster using 3D heterogeneous integration of node and performance-optimized chiplets with Siemens EDA's marketing-leading 3D IC solution

Explore and deliver product differentiation faster

Expand revenue streams by transforming existing design and IP architectures into chiplets or build scalable 3D IC platforms for faster TTM. Engineer a smarter future with a proven and complete flow from 3D IC architecture partitioning to planning, layout, design-for-test, verification, analysis, manufacturing signoff, and post-silicon lifecycle monitoring with Siemens EDA’s market-leading 3D IC solution.

Solution and digital workflow

Key benefits for Siemens 3D IC design flow tools

Unlike design-level, system co-optimization balances requirements and resources across multi-domains, requiring visibility into downstream effects on PPA and cost.

Digital transformation

Enable digital transformation through co-design, co-simulation, and automated checking. Replace manual interfaces and data exchanges with more automated methods and defined workflows.

Faster verification and validation

Most comprehensive coverage for performance validation and design verification - from predictive through in-process to final signoff. Automated reviews identify overt issues earlier in the process and eliminate iterations.

Better resource utilization

Support team-based design for concurrent development and enable IP reuse and managed blocks. Leverage one layout tool for organic and silicon substrates for better package design organization.

3D IC design flow tools and IC packaging solutions

3D IC Design Flow is a comprehensive set of tools and workflows targeted to develop advanced 2.5/3D IC heterogeneous System-In-Package (SIP) designs.

3D IC podcast

The future of semiconductor design

Learn more from industry experts on topics related to three-dimensional integrated circuits and how they deliver higher performance.

3D IC Resource Library

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